Al-Karim Viskose Printed Linen Salwar Kameez | Linen Dress Designs for Winter 2014-2015

Al Karim exclusive fabric store began its fashion journey in 1988 from the industrial hub of Pakistan, Karachi. In a short period Alkarim took the lead of fashion industry. Their professional excellence and traditional craftsmanship given more thrill and popularity among others. Now AL-Karim is the power house who trades in women's casual clothing as well cater to the modern women. It values quality, ethnicity, femininity and elegance and provides every season fashion with care. Recently, Alkaram winter collection 2014-15 has been revealed. This winter fashion is titled Viskose Collection 2014. Viskose actually calls Viscose or Linen in Urdu. It is best as winter wear because of lighthearted indulgence, warm and soft texture and comfortable fibers. Al-Karim Viskose Printed Linen also features same softness, warmness and quality. It is available in 1750 prices. Al-Karim Viskose winter Linen fabric has been decorated through soothing colors and suntle prints and stylized in Salwar Kameez. These Linen Dress Designs  2014-2015 are perfect for day wear and semiformal wear. This alkarim linen collection is economical range that keep you close with roots, modern fashion and put graceful essence of trends. To add little formal aroma in linen salwar kameez you can combine fancy jewelry and clutches. Below you can see how pretty model has carried winter casual in semi formal style, you can also adopt her style to look more beautiful.
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