Gul Ahmed Black & White Winter 2014-15 Collection for Muharram Festival

 Muharram is the first month of Islamic / lunar calendar, it is a sorrowful festival for Shia community but for Sunni Muslim it has religious significance. It revive the mourn of Hazrat Husayn (RA) ibn Ali (RA) or grandson of our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH. He was martyr during the battle of Karbala on 10th Muharram or yay of Ashura. Although every Muslim communal pay their dedication in different way like our Shia community like to wear black clothes during Muharram festival, Black color is the symbol of grief and sorrow. Hence nowadays Pakistani fashion brands have started new line of Black and white dresses. However, Gul ahmed black and white collection is very old niche. Recently, with the change of weather, gul ahmed has added black and white dresses in Fall winter collection 2014-15 as Muharram festival dressing. In this winter wear, gul ahmed has shown us brighter side of black step through the parted boughs into an eerie world where mystery lingers in the shadows and magic lurks around every corner. Fashion dives into fantasy with dramatic prints and mono hues to weave its own enchanting story this winter. Gul Ahmed Winter Fall Black & White 2014-15 Collection has been made on khaddar, linen and cotton. This is another grace enhancing dressing style by Pakistan's no-1 brand.
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