Plain Abaya Designs 2015-16 | Simple Casual Affordable Black Abaya 2015

Like Indian or pakistani fashion, Islamic clothing trend is also expanding its boundaries. Abaya - kaftan and jilbab are the most prominent dresses styles in Muslim women's wear. Although these designs are available for both formal and informal occasions but abaya has undeniable power among all as casual wear. Beside the fancy and luxury abayas, now plain and simple abayas are more popular; because - simplicity has own power to attract. Recently, we have got simple casual abaya collection 2015-2016 from Saudi Arab; in which the designer has used fabric manipulation techniques to enhance the curves and edges of abaya. Adding frills, gathers, plates, crushing and swirls are popular fabric manipulation techniques. So with little manifolds and tailoring twist the abaya maker has added phenomenal beauty with the art of manipulating. Let's look at plain black abaya collection 2015-16, in which you can see that abayas designs are very clean but attractive. The designer has implemented graceful folds, drape to beautify curves and waves.
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